Asian home décor style

oriental decorating

Summary: Here we are going to talk about how we design and decorate the home Asian style. Its feel and aura leaves everybody awestruck.


The Asian home  designs takes it inspiration from the countries like Japan, China , Korea , Thailand , Vietnam and other eastern countries. The modern interiors are affected by Asian designs. Asian designs are greatly influencing the modern designs all around the world. Things that are included in modern Asian interior designs goes as follow:

(1)   Iconic influence-the most popular iconic structure is that of Buddha who is famously referred to as ‘the enlightened one’. This iconic figure is a symbol of peace and contentment in life it brings knowledge. It is used worldwide to decorate the homes of Asian and accepted all round the world.

(2)   Culture with modernity- culture with modernity is the main highlight of this Asian style home décor. Tradition mixed with design gives an electric look and feel to the home. The culture is what binds people to the present moment along with values. When we live in the present moment with values there is a sense of comfort which is given by the Asian décor.

(3)   Zen state of mind- this Asian style of design helps people get a balance in their life by bringing their mind in a meditative state and also through wisdom. They try to incorporate these things into their daily life or home décor to be more precise so that they can stay in comfort and peace. Statues of Zen are common in their designs.

(4)   Serenity- the elegance with which Asian interior are prepared is its main attraction. It attracts people easily and leaves them with a good impression. It has immense warmth and grace in it. This is the reason why it is appreciated all around the world is because of it serene feeling.

(5)   Sweet feng shui-the practice of feng shui practiced by old ancient Chinese people have now been incorporated in the modern interiors. Feng shui says that everything has a positive or a negative vibe and thus things are set accordingly to get a positive feel around. The practice of feng shui brings peace and harmony in the home. The color which should be used sand all other small details are managed intelligently.

(6)   Cultural element and antique inspiration-the great cultural heritage is maintained and incorporated in the modern interiors to blend both the modern as well as culture in their living style. There are many eye-catching interiors which are used to enhance the aesthetic beauty as well as stick to the cultural heritage of the place.

(7)   Outdoor elegance and tradition-the outdoor of the place in which the people are staying is decorated very elegantly. The first thing the people notice while coming in is the outdoor and thus it is decorated keeping in mind the aesthetic beauty of the place. Things like lanterns and mirrors are used. To add t the decorative value of the place.


Thus, by accepting Asian interiors we connect to peace harmony and positive vibes all around us.