Cool Storage Idea

Everyone I know has a problem storing clutter in their home. You know the stuff you take on and off all day long like coats and shoes, especially if you live in a cold climate. No one wants to put these things away and get them out 10 min later. So after some surfing on the internet and browsing through some magazines I have come up with an idea. If you have a garage make it a habit for the family to enter and leave through the garage as much as possible. And turn the wall just as you enter the house into a storage spot for these items. When I was growing up we had to enter through the utility room and leave all these outdoor items in the utility room. Some homes have a mud room but for those of us that only have a garage use that wall.

Build a shelving unit on the wall with cubby holes for shoes and boots. Next to that build an open cabinet (like in the picture) with dividers so each person has their own space. Here they can put their coat, scarfs etc. And like this picture you can have cubbies beneath with baskets for things that each person needs to take with them. (After I build this in my garage I will post a picture but something like this is what I am thinking.)



Kids could put their back pack in the night before school; no more last minute scramble in the morning. I always have items I need to return to stores that I leave at the front door but would much rather put them in a basket. And add a bench to sit on while putting on your shoes.  Above this space you could still have shelves for other storage; it would be too high to reach daily but would be great for Christmas decorations and things like that.

Happy Storage!!!